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bg by cairovercoat
hi! you guys still remain my favorite fantroll review tumblr, but i thought id ask a thing?? like ive seen you (and others) say that quirks cant contain unicode or other symbols because they have to type it out. but i think maybe if they only use one symbol it might be possible? like ctrl+v'ing a lot. it might also lead to some funniness if the troll had to copy and paste something else into the chat, haha! (losing their symbol in the process!) what is your opinion on this subject?

NR: hey girl!! thank you so much oh gosh!! i haven’t really said that, but yeah, it would be a pain. if it was a single simple symbol, i suppose it could work!! it sounds fine to me, dunno about the other mods.

1 year ago on May 11th | J | 1 note