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bg by cairovercoat
but i dont think thats how heart powers work?? :? heart isnt so much emotions as it is the soul and connections between people, right? like meulin and nepeta and their shipping?? i feel like a seer of heart would more so be able to see someone's intentions, be they good or bad, and not their emotions. like they'd be able to tell if someone had malicious intentions either towards the session or group or even to one person in particular, and so could use this knowledge to prevent tragedy? idk tho

Cog: That’s a good point. It’s really more of the “soul” variety than it is about feelings and romance. Then again, we’ve had more expanding from Meulin’s role as a Mage than we have as Dirk’s or Nepeta’s. I’ll add this to the tag.

1 year ago on April 29th | J | 2 notes