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Xanath Kilorn

(His first name comes from “xanath,” a type of Mexican liquer, as it’s vanilla-flavored and he uses vanilla often in his baking. His last name comes from “kitsune” and “lore;” kitsune is the Japanese word for fox [his lusus being a bat-eared fox,] and the second part stems from his fondness for occult lore.]

6.9 sweeps (15 human years)

Bat-eared fox with hooves for hindpaws and a curled tailimage



Seer of Space

Xanath’s symbol means “copper,” which is about the pelt color of a mature bat-eared fox on Earth. 
Copper is also used in many rituals to promote friendship.


Xanath is for the most part a fairly laidback and easygoing troll, although when he is excited or emotional about something, he tends to be very much so. His emotions tend to be either subdued and mild or extreme; there is no real middle ground for Xanath. He has an affinity for baking and spends much of his time doing so, something many of his friends find a waste of time. As an empath, he is more prone to being affected by the moods of others, leading in part to some of his emotional extremes, and he has the ability to affect others’ moods as well; he is, however, currently unaware of his abilities (the majority of his friends are online, so this may be why he has yet to notice.) Like most trolls, Xanath does not have a real aversion to killing if need be (in fact, sometimes he can be a little too prone to solving his problems with violence) and he has a soft spot for the supernatural and occult, although he does not really have much of a knack for the paranormal arts at all. When he isn’t dabbling in the occult or trying out new ingredients for his baking projects, he occasionally FLARPs, but he only really joined his team as a favor for a friend, as the team lacked members – many times he has ended up backing out on the team anyway in favor of trying out a new recipe or performing one of his dark rituals.

Xanath is the first in his session to awaken, actually doing so long before the game begins, and he utilizes the knowledge he gets from the clouds as best as he can, although he does not fully understand what he sees. Being a fairly friendly troll (when he isn’t bashing heads in during a FLARPing session, at least,) he had previously had many online friends, but upon realizing that they all were somehow connected to this planet he woke up on, he decides to bring all of his friends together and introduce them to each other. By doing this, Xanath creates the group that will one day enter their Sburb session.

While he has no current quadrants filled, he has his eye on two black-leaning trolls who already have kismeses, anticipating infidelity and ready to step in and auspistize if needed. He also has pale and red feelings of varying degrees for two other trolls.

He lives in a small, somewhat cramped (due not only to his caste, but the accumulated clutter associated with his hobbies) hive located in a grasslands dotted with mountains; one of the mountains, the one nearest to his hive, is actually a volcano, although it is inactive as far as he knows.


Although he lacks a proficiency in the paranormal arts, Xanath insists on using the Ouija modus – the spirits decide what items will be retrieved. This can often lead to failure in retrieving the desired item, as Xanath is not particularly skilled in communication with spirits, but he doesn’t usually get frustrated by it, as he believes that the spirits are well-intentioned and that they ‘know best.’ His strife specibus is rllinpinkind. (He uses a metal rolling pin so as to deal more damage – and because it doesn’t stain nearly as much as a wooden one would.)(Fi: Thank you for using the 8-letter rule, I love it when people follow that. ;v;)


=[ good point, i suppose!! $:P bundt you’d biscuit back to your hive before his custodian causes problems for you ]=
Surrounds his words in a metaphorical rolling pin. Uses all lower case letters except when capitalizing an entire word for emphasis. Doubles question marks and exclamation points to represent his emotional extremes. Uses baking-oriented puns whenever possible. Uses “$” in smilies to represent his horns. His chumhandle is vulpineConfectioner.

Fi: Aaa, nice!

Land of Gloom and Frogs

Xanath is one of the first in his session to get the tiger; since he becomes his dreamself to do so, he begins to see the horrorterrors upon his going to sleep, despite his originally being from Prospit. Because of his love for the occult and the supernatural, Xanath is quick to try and converse with them, and over the few months that they continue to play the game, he begins to trust their advice and truly believe that they have ‘chosen’ him; the Circle gives him dark powers in addition to his Space powers, and he uses them in battle to his advantage. However, upon his earlier ascension, Xanath’s empathic powers were amplified – he is the Seer of Space, after all – and the experiencing of all the emotions of a group of volatile teenager coupled with the typical losses that come with Sburb lead to his becoming very unstable.  A scuffle breaks out between Xanath and another troll in the group, and he loses control of his new dark powers, killing the other troll. As things turn worse and worse for Xanath, he is pushed closer and closer to the edge, until eventually he is pushed too far and goes grimdark.

(All of this is fairly unclear, because Xanath is part of an RP session that has yet to actually begin! So this is all just what’s planned.)

Fi: I like him so far!!! It looks like you put a lot of thought into making him! I’ll move on to the next part now.

Cog: I shoehorned the second part into this post!


man i keep forgetting to include stuff sorry!!! if you could add this to the xanath kilorn submission and review it too id be v v grateful!

Fi: We will gladly review this too! uvu (I really like him)

ANCESTOR? (half-fleshed out:)

Many sweeps ago, before adult trolls had begun to be sent off planet, there was a lowblood prophet by the name of the Fateseer. But this prophet did not predict matters of war or of luck - instead, the prophet used his psychic powers to predict the outcome of matters of love and hatred. For alas, this troll had been given a gift – he could sense the emotions of those around him. Many trolls came to the prophet when their matespritships or kismessitudes were failing in the hopes that the Fateseer could give them either hope or the prediction of their relationship’s downfall. The prophet used his powers as an empath to detect the depth of pity or hatred in each troll, and he judged the stability of their relationship using this knowledge. Moreover, his predictions were nearly always correct. Thusly, the Fateseer was renown throughout the land as a great prophet, and more and more trolls came to ask for his advice.

But the one thing that the Fateseer’s powers could not predict was his death. Two matesprits came to ask for his help, and as he always did, he gave them the truth: their relationship would not succeed. He could see that there was no pity in the female’s – a troll by the name of the Lordless - heart. But the other, a threshecutioner, was very possessive of his partner, and he did not take the news lightly. He demanded that the Fateseer try to look again, and when the prophet gave him the same answer, he snapped, killing him on the spot. The Lordless’s lack of pity for him soon became clear, however; upon seeing his actions, she left, sending the Legislacerators after her former matesprit for his murder of the famed prophet. And so the murderer of the Fateseer soon, too, fell dead.

Cog: I keep reading this as Fatseer.

[ the lordless and possibly the other troll mentioned are ancestors of other trolls in the rp session! ]

Fi: Well, it looks ok! Trolls with powers that deal with emotion are a bit eh but I like what you’ve done with it. Please feel free to resubmit if you add/change anything!

Cog: Wow! I love this troll. I really have no complaints about it, aside from a little ambiguity with the ancestor, but that’s a different issue entirely. I can’t really help you out much more than that, he’s got a solid sprite and personality, on top of everything else which was done right! He stuck to canon and acts appropriately for an Alternian troll. Great job!

1 year ago on April 27th | J | 2 notes